T-Rex Dinosaur Design Silly Patch


T-Rex Dinosaur Design Silly Patch for All Diabetic patients that want to secure their diabetic devices. Add design to your CGM sensor or insulin pump infusion sites


T-Rex Dinosaur precut adhesive patch to secure diabetic devices

T-Rex Dinosaur Design Silly Patch

T-Rex Dinosaur design precut medical adhesive patch to secure diabetic devices.

All Silly Patches are available for all CGM & pump sites on the market, if yours is not listed then select custom and we will get it made for you.

Add artistic design to your continuous glucose monitors sensor or insulin pump infusion sites.

Extend the life of your sensor! Waterproof, long lasting and no fray

Great for active kids of all ages. Hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape is safe on all skin, and designed to breathe and move with you.

Silly Patch is for all diabetic patients who want to cover and protect their diabetic devices. 
Add special designs to your CGM sensor or insulin pump sites.

How can I make my sensor or infusion site stay in place securely?

Showering, sweaty gym sessions, swimming and the general rough-and-tumble of daily life all conspire to help remove your costly CGM sensor from your body.

Tired of having your device fall off early while active?

Sensors and devices are expensive to replace if they fall off early.

Silly Patches are perfect for securing your insulin pump or CGM device.

Custom made. Get your own design!

Designed by a Type 1 Diabetic who uses these patches every day.

Silly patches are made of a 3M medical device tape, right here in the USA.

Whether you are into activities and sports like just swimming at your local pool, our patches can withstand the rigor and keep you on the move. Plus, they look really cool with many unique sketch designs to choose from!!

Silly Patches are available in many colors

T-Rex Dinosaur design precut adhesive patch to secure diabetic devices

A better way to keep diabetic insulin infusion sites and cgm sensors attached

Temporary tattoos

Printable designs

Ships worldwide!

check out our patches in action silly-patches-in-action

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Angel Fish Design Silly Patch

Flower Design Silly Patch





Additional information

Sketch Color

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Silver, Yellow

Device Cutout

Abbott Freestyle Libre, Animas Insulin Pump Infusion Site, Dexcom G4 or G5 Sensors, Dexcom G6, Dexcom G7, Medtronic Enlite or Guardian CGM Sensors, Medtronic Minimed Infusion Sites, No Cut Out, Omnipod Insulin Pump

Device Window Direction

Horizontal, Vertical